Scooby-Doo and the gang are back to entertain a new generation I’ll have all the details of the movie!

Born in 1969, this saga animated, which has also seen the light under the format of live-action, tells the story of Scooby and Shaggy having doubts about his role within the gang. Scooby starts with a cute story about the origin of the gang, which shows how they met for the first time during a … Read more

Angelina Jolie meets 45 years: from victim of bullying to one of the best actresses of her generation Cinema

Casella ‘Cash’ Reese was just a name in a script. Had to search a girl, young, sexy, but at the same time it may seem cold and calculating. That looks dangerous, but at the same time seductive. The director of “Cyborg 2: la sombra de cristal” (1993), Michael Schroeder, chose the 18-year old girl that … Read more

Sofia Coppola invented in ‘Marie Antoinette’ the filter cuqui that today triumphs in the series for the generation Z

Even though the shadow of his father, the director Francis Ford Coppola, is overwhelmingly long (“The Godfather” is consistently in the lists of the ten best films in the history of cinema), Sofia Coppola has had the courage to overcome and chart their own career behind the camera, always with the label of ‘daughter’ on … Read more

Cosmetics of generation Z that you can also use Kylie Skin to Florence

After learning how to delimit the millennials, now it’s the turn of the next generation, the Z. Under the last letter of the alphabet stick together all the born between the mid-90’s and mid 2000’s, that is to say, they go immediately after the millennials and are characterized by being born with the technology in … Read more

The support has been performed: the Hue of a Bridge from the first Generation to lose the the the may of the features

Those who have the Philips Hue Bridge from the first Generation that will have to be prepared by may 2020, the limitations on the roles. At the end of April 2019 at the latest, as it announced the end of Support for the Hue Bridge, V1, occurs in the 30’s. In April 2020. From 1. … Read more

The screen is blank: this is a program of support for the iPad Air is the third Generation of

Between March 2019 and October 2019, and produced the iPad Air 3’s. Generation, you can see a Flicker or short lighten up with a white screen. The issues confirmed by Apple, does not occur in any of the models at the time. The resolution of the problems Apple has launched a program of service to … Read more