O generous! The wonderful gesture of Angelina Jolie who applauded in the networks. What did he do?

Angelina Jolie gave what to talk about this week, then make public the situation that his family was living, and received the support of their fans. Through a letter, the actress of “Maleficent” he commented that two of his daughters underwent an operation, almost at the same time, which forced it to stop its work … Read more

Hollywood stars show their best, and generous, face to the coronavirus – Tvshow – 04/04/2020

Many of the Hollywood stars are doing everything possible to help others in the midst of concerns about the coronavirus. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio is partnering with various companies (Apple and the Ford foundation among others) to launch the fund for America’s Food Fund that will have $ 12 million, which will benefit several organizations … Read more

What a generous! Jennifer Lopez premieres show where it will donate thousands of dollars to those who need it

By very unreal as it sounds, celebrities the likes of Jennifer Lopez and others are going to release a program where the theme is to donate money to people who need it and will not be something small, but up to 100 thousand dollars for each episode. Is incredible proposal comes from the hand of … Read more

Ariana Grande stunned Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom with this generous gesture

19 August 2019 The world of showbiz is sometimes very small and sometimes Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom you are by chance in the same restaurant Ariana Grande. He told the singer of “Small Talk” in an interview with Ellen K Morning Show, revealing a nice anecdote in that way, the colleague has pleasantly surprised … Read more