Georgina Rodriguez hit by the Coronavirus. It last time! “The rich are not saved”

March 10, 2020 (20:29 CET) Georgina Rodriguez posted a picture today in the private jet of the family of Cristiano Ronaldo since they have become so quick to Madeira to see how it advances the health of Dolores Aveiro, the mother of the player of the Juventus of Turin, who suffered a stroke ten days … Read more

Georgina Rodriguez ¡premieres size XL! “It has become more” oh, look at the before and the after!

March 08, 2020 (09:57 CET) The model Georgina Rodriguez is a constant tendency in the networks with more than 16.9 million of soldiers in your Instagram. Since he became partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, the more little things he does is comment on all the digital platforms. How great is their own! The race model is … Read more

Claudia Chambers and Georgina Amorós reveal that the actors ‘Elite’ have two groups of WhatsApp

On the 13th of march will be the beginning of a new school year at The Oaks and the situation is about to explode. As we have seen in the official trailer, ‘Elite’ now has a new low that has left the fandom with a heavy heart and a question in the air: Who is … Read more