Twitch, Pokimane becomes Ariana Grande version gamer girl in a cosplay that makes crazy the network

The famous streamer Twitch Imane ‘Pokimane‘Anys has thrilled his fans by posting on its social channels of the photo of her dressed in a Ariana Grande version of gamer girl. The cosplay came out so well that he earned a nickname: Pokiana Great. Brrr. Pokimane is the streamer and the most beloved to Twitch, as … Read more

Company shamed the girl for a photo in a bikini. They waited for the fiasco

Texan signed up for instagram, the company where I wanted to get a job, but it was a nasty surprise. Representatives of the firm proved to be very scrupulous in respect to the images that candidates post on social networks. So much and decided to publicly shame the girl for alleged non-professional photos in a … Read more

The guy was freaking out that his girl loves a bikini, and gave her special swimsuit. Now look at her even more!

Perhaps all men don’t like when their girl paying a lot of attention. Especially when it’s on the beach! Australian Pedro Vitola decided to rectify the situation and gave his girlfriend a swimsuit made to order. But the result was quite unexpected… Girl Pedro has a great figure and is not shy to demonstrate it. … Read more