Selena Gmez spoke about his bipolarity and what activities help you stay in peace

Last month, the singer Selena Gmez became the news center of the media after saying that, she was diagnosed with bipolarity. The confesin was surprised by their fanticos as it gave way espontnea during an interview with his colleague Miley Cyrus. Now, respecting the mandatory quarantine in force in all the world, I came to … Read more

It seems your sister: the amazing story of the mother of Selena Gmez

The actress and singer Selena Gmez dej captivated to their fanticos showing a beauty that almost no one expected: the of your precious mother Mandy Teefeywho was surprised by everyone with your smile and your attitude fresh, youthful and lively. In social networks were viralizadas different images in which the woman of 44 years looks … Read more

Selena Gmez prepares facet never seen Nor Justin Bieber were expected this!!!!

The american singer Selena Gmez was surprised by recently fanticos with unexpected news: the girl producing, and partcipe of a program gastronoma. Negotiating with the chain HBO Max the ex Justin Bieber confirm that har reality that there will be been your second choice of career in case you have not been a singer: to … Read more

Selena Gmez and a revealing white dress that is lost Justin Bieber!

Throughout his career Selena Gmez he has been successful in different branches of the world of the show would so much as that has become an artist with all the letters. Since its beginnings in the early age the former of Justin Bieber is a singer, songwriter, actress, and producer of television, filntropa and thus … Read more

Selena Gmez inspires the staff doctor with his music in the midst of the pandemic, are put to dance!

Selena Gmez he continues to be unstoppable in the centre of attention in the social networks, despite the pandemic that is gripping the world. And that is precisely, your music has been the elixir for many of its fans these days. Besides joining the fight against the coronavirus with their valuable donations, the pop star … Read more

Selena Gmez is in addition to the fight against the Covid-19 with a noble initiative to Their fans the clap!

Selena Gmez has the fortune of being one of the personalities ms wanted on the internet, so that its influence as a singer leaves no one indifferent. Despite the ups and downs he has experienced in his personal life, the interpreter Lose you to love me has known very well how to manage his professional … Read more

There is No turning back: Selena Gmez, I announced the worst and your health at high risk

Selena Gmez always tries to have a close relationship with their fanticos. Each time I was able to them continue all the concerns that the crossed and overwhelmed. But now, the singer you are going to need a lot more than only be downloaded with their fans. Your health turns on by a thread, and … Read more

Justin Bieber and a confesin bother much to Hailey Baldwin Is glad Selena Gmez?

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