You don’t quarantine! Kim Kardashian does this in the running of the bulls, and o MY GOD!

Something that matches the majority of the world on this pandemic, is that the best ally of these days is pajamas. But for Kim Kardashian it would not be so. The second of the sisters most famous of the entertainment always noted for carrying looks more elaborate and care. Related News Both in clothes, nails, … Read more

Oh My God! Nicki Minaj wore a look that left without words to his fans. How that is allowed?

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Jason Momoa on the looks of the live action of “God of War” would Leave Aquaman?

Jason Momoa on the looks of the live action of “God of War” would Leave Aquaman? Jason Momoa in the crosshairs of a new adaptation of video games, “God of War”based on norse mythology with elements of the Greek, so that their fans wonder if this will affect your role as a Aquaman in the … Read more

OH GOD, MISS! Camila’s Hair goes up video with Shawn Mendes and go beyond… oh, Look!

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“Terrible.” Shakira does not realize it and you will see this! Caught: “oh my God!”

April 22, 2020 (13:00 CET) There are certain singers and celebrities, as the years are passing by, accumulating haters behind their backs. Names like Jennifer López, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé or Shakira are a good example of this. While it is true that, thanks to social media, his fame has been increasing in recent times, … Read more

OH MY GOD! Kendall Jenner remembers her look more controversial and… What do you think?

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God! Bella Thorne boasts its charms in full crisis by Covid-19

United States.- The actress, Bella Thornethrough your account Instagram he shared a provocative image in which presumed his rear in set pant. In the snapshot shown at the celebrity showing off their curves of fire while carrying a set ‘outfit’ which steals sighs to more than one. A story of love, blue”, he wrote. For … Read more