Salma Hayek found the perfect balance between the stylish and the comfortable. Wow, what a goddess!

Salma Hayek it is the center of attention of several media of communication for obvious reasons, besides, tends to surprise their fans with quirky images that leaves through your personal account of Instagram. In this special ocasin, we can say that the mexican actress inspired thousands of fanticas to wear an outfit comfortable and with … Read more

Like a goddess! Selena Gomez is displayed at the natural and hits all. Do you what you expect?

Because of this crisis that has rocked more than 170 countries, and of the celebrities are escaping. Many have had to abide by the orders and strictly follow the quarantine in their homes. Such is the case of Selena Gomez. The singer he spends his days in his home with his family, as has been … Read more

As a full goddess! So looks like Kendall Jenner in the new campaign for Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner, who is considered the model best paid in the world, surprised everyone after posting some of the shots that were made for the new campaign of Calvin Klein. The model, who makes of his own before the lens and every picture proves it, he went up to his account of Instagram a photo … Read more

“Oh, goddess!” Yuliett Towers alerted to heart with the tightest Oops!

Yuliett Torres they stole the nets with a postcard of your day-to-day, because the relationship that you have with your followers is quite entertaining. The mexican model already garnered nearly 5 million users in its account of Instagram, and entertaining them with images that only she can achieve. Related News The influencer is fond of … Read more

Yuliett Torres was the queen of television with his routines and fitness Goddess!

In the world of the show nothing is easy, sometimes you have to decide in seconds and others have to wait for all the information and take the decision. Yuliett Towers knows. The mexican gave no doubt with its last update in social networks, something that to their fanticos does not bother them at all. … Read more

SPENT – a Twitter User paid Osmariel Villalobos to greet the Goddess Channels in the application “famous” (+TWEETS)

Osmariel Villalobos form part of a ppp to greet their fans for $50 USD; and someone came up to pay for a salute to Goddess Channels. After the cheerleader venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos come out talking about the app Famous, part of which is coupled to a group of artists who charge their followers different amounts … Read more

Osmariel Villalobos hospitalized after fight with Goddess Channels

The cheerleader Osmariel Villalobos was injured after a fight with the vedette and venezuelan singer, Goddess Channelsthe night of this Friday. Apparently, the figures had a strong discussion in the bathroom of a gym located in Caracas. For this reason, Villalobos remained in observation all the morning of a Saturday in a clinic in the … Read more

Melisa Rauseo charges against the young man that I pay 50 USD to Osmariel to greet Goddess Channels (+VIDEO)

The tv presenter showed indignant that someone to waste money on cause controversy and not focus on what is happening in the global landscape. Melisa Rauseo, presenter of the program transmitted by the channel of the G golden, Saturday nightreacted badly to the fact that someone with an account on Instagram will be paid to … Read more

Alexa Dellanos and her change of heaven to the earth a little girl to Goddess!

By being the daughter of her famous mother, Alexa Dellanos has always been under the reflectors and to the eye of the paparazzi thing from very young he knew how to make to become your own name. The youtuber and model, has been in charge of getting fans and more than a million followers on … Read more