Rumor: Google is planning a new Chromecast for Ultra remote control

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Google Authenticator: – No protection against Screenshots

(Photo By Oliver Nickel/ January 10.03.2020 at 16:28 Note: We have been using in this article, the Commission shall, to the left, and marked with a”*”. An application should be made through the following Links you’ll earn a Commission. The Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and a host of other Applications for Two-factor authentication, they … Read more

Coronavirus: Google removes it from Iran, Covid-19-App in the google Play Store, THE POWER

Coronavirus: Google removes it from Iran, Covid-19-App in the google Play Store in the MIRROR Samsung Galaxy tab-Shop; all of a Sudden, all the Apps on Google dive into the Caschys Blog The Google Play Store and share: This Is 40 Android Apps, games, icon Packs & Live wallpaper, now, there is a… on the … Read more

Google is also giving away a cool file Manager for Android, which is Now free, safe and 4.49 EUR

Who is the default file Manager of your smart phone the option is very confusing, can you try it with File Manager Pro…. On the home page, you can find all of your files according to categories such as images, Audios, Videos, and Downloads. Please click on a category, you have to place the files … Read more

Gravity of the flux Quantum: Google is the new library for the Quantum-Machine-Learning

Google, in cooperation with the University of Waterloo, in Volkswagen, the company is in search of the one X (formerly known as “Google X”, the library, the tensor of the flow Quantity (Q), an open-source, are available. They will form the basis for the development of a prototype of the so-called Quantum-Machine-Learning models. Under the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy tab-Store: Getting Apps from Google that are available for you to Download

The Samsung handles the Galaxy’s Store, a separate platform, the Smartphone App can be downloaded from. Although Google operates the Play Store is still a Store in the app Store, and now the first Google-developed applications find it. A helpful Reddit, it was pointed out the user. The Galaxy the Store, the two Apps “Google … Read more

The main disadvantage of the Google phones that you deleted

I have been in the Pixel 4 (XL), and again, and now there is a Software Update, distributed, with, probably, the greatest weakness is that mobile phones have to be disposed of. Anyone who complains about the View, you need to install the update at all. The older Pixel phones are some of the Goodies donated to the organization.

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