Mike Tyson caught his wife in bed with Brad Pitt: “I do not hold a grudge”

The exboxeador american Myke Tyson, 53 years old, and a star of the quadrilaterals in the years 80 and 90he recalled in a ‘talk show’ of the american television a story that links it to one of the actors most wanted Hollywood, Brad Pitt and that happened more than 30 years ago. As reported the … Read more

IS THERE A GRUDGE? This is how Demi Lovato showed that I’ll never again be friend of Selena Gomez

The life of Demi Lovato suffered dramatic changes and we were able to be witnesses of them. From its beginnings on television with “Barney & Friends” and your step by Disney, to devote himself entirely to music, but in the midst of all that something was happening. The girl from Alburqueque, in 2010 he began … Read more