Halle Berry launches app to help in social isolation

Halle Berry launches app to help in social isolation. The award-winning actress seeks to ensure that the population get emotional peace during the quarantine period. So as you read it, the winner of the Oscar Award recently launched an app to help those in social isolation for coronavirus, and invited his followers to join his … Read more

It is a novel idea! Halle Berry launches new tool To cope with the social isolation!

In days of confinement, any activity that can be done inside a house is a good idea, and but say Halle Berry. The american actress remains active between the kitchen and the exercises, because he is faithful promoter of lead a healthy life style. Related News And as well as she does, aspires everyone to … Read more

Halle Berry responds to those who criticized his son for wearing high heels

The queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland gave a message historical this Sunday against the pandemic that has hit your nation. Eloquent, understated and, especially, empathetic, the sovereign spoke to his people with a speech full of hope. “We’ll see,” said the grandmother of princes William and Harry. “We should console … Read more