Salma Hayek shared a picture with his brother and his brother is just as handsome that she

Thomas Niedermueller via Getty Images Many celebrities take advantage of the social networks to share their professional projects, but also give us unique moments with your family. One of these famous it is Salma Hayek, who once in a while gives us a glimpse of their everyday life. The actress is one of the mexican … Read more

The players more handsome of the last decade: Radwanska, Berdych, Ivanovic, Verdasco.

Beauty, elegance, sensuality, charm: the players are flying on the pitch to win tournaments, but many of them are considered icons of beauty, sensuality and charm. Some of them also won the most prestigious titles, others were famous for their attractiveness. So who are the players most beautiful of the last ten years? Agnieszka Radwanska … Read more

Oh Chris Hemsworth and his mother seem to be brothers! Oh, and very handsome!

The photograph, which the actor shared this Sunday for Mothers Day to congratulate his has served to demonstrate, once more, that your physical privileged is a question of genetics. This weekend, coinciding with the second Sunday of may, is celebrated the Day of Mothers in various countries of the world. Chris Hemsworth it was one … Read more

Andres Wiese is more handsome than Chris Evans, according to contest for most beautiful face in the world 2020 | instagram | Entertainment

Andrés Wiese was all the rage in the networks to be nominated for the most beautiful face in the world by 2020. Through Instagramthe actor known as ‘Nicholas’ has managed to get more ‘likes’ that recognized famous in the international show. The contest “TC Candler” and “The Independent Critics” it takes place in the aforementioned … Read more

This is the handsome and toned brother of Zac Efron that will take your breath away on the social networks

Actor Zac Efron always starts whispering to his step, however, is not the only one in your family that achieves this effect, as your brother Dylan has also gained many likes, followers and praised for her beauty and toned, as well as athletic body. This is the handsome and toned brother of Zac Efron Dylan … Read more

WHAT A LUCK!!!! Becky G has the best boyfriend of all and this post will tell you why. What a handsome!

Each one traverses the landfill as you can, but how nice it would be to be like some famous. This weekend Becky G caused a furor with a posting in which he made it quite clear that love is in the air. “Who said that the quarantine couldn’t be romantic? Today I was surprised with … Read more

These are the famous, handsome, sexy and talented who are born under the sign taurus

These are the famous, handsome, sexy and talented who are born under the sign taurus Happy birthday, taurianos! You know all the celebrities that were born under this earth sign (in the months of April and may) and definitely, make us fall in love with because of his talent, physical, but above all, personality.

Bodyguard handsome caring

The vast majority of the celebrities hire bodyguards to protect them from fans, enemies and of course the paparazzi. And the funny thing is that sometimes they are just as or even more sexy than their own heads. With the diffusion of social networks have given the public and private life of the celebrities, largest … Read more