Draw: Natalia Barulich cannot feel oblivious to what is happening and to sum the #BlackoutTuesday

Natalia Barulich is a supermodel while it has a great track record thanks to their work and independence in the world of the show, many knew quin was then known about the affair with Maluma. What started during the filming of Happy the 4, became in a relationship seriously. The famous dancer confes that when … Read more

Henry Cavill shares on social networks as it is happening in the quarantine

After that the production for the second season of ‘The Witcher’ out paused before a member of the production gave positive COVID-19, all went to their homes to spend the 14 days established for the quarantine, including Geralt of Rivia, who shares with us as it is happening from the house thanks to a picture … Read more

Do you know what of Ana Obregon? This is happening. Jump off the alarms. “What is Álex Lequio?”

March 05, 2020 (19:33 CET) Alarm bells again when Álex Lequio was for two weeks without making any publication on social networks, nor is Ana Obregón. Two people who have become very active on Instagram from participating in various acts of solidarity. Finally, after a few days of absence it was discovered what was keeping … Read more