In the midst of your pregnancy! Katy Perry is facing months more hard of his career

In recent years, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom formed one of the pairs of greater relevance in the world of entertainment, as both are stars in their jobs. But during the month of march, met the lovely news that the american singer and the famous actor are expecting their first baby. Related News According to … Read more

Better than Jason Momoa! David Bisbal surprises fans with this training it is Hard to do!

David Bisbal brings to your fanatical head-on with their training, What a man! April 22, 2020 · 13:52 hs David Bisbal is one of the singers most controversial today and it is has though is from the old school, the artist remains more visible than ever through their social networks. Recently, we have observed a … Read more

“Spike Lee wants to play as hard as you can” – Serena Williams

The american film director Spike Lee was asked “what is the first thing you think when you hear tennis”, without thinking twice, she quickly replied, Serena Williams. The two renowned personalities of the EE. UU. Are good friends and have been in contact for a long time. “I’ve known Spike for many years. We always … Read more

It’s hard to believe! The facet of Selena Gomez that few people knew about. Awesome!

Selena Gomez it has been characterized by having no problem to talk about her private life, recounting the details of his health and the darkest moments in his career. Since then, the singer of “Naturally” has tried not to disappoint the trust that has been created with his fans and documenting aspects of their life … Read more