Why Cristina Pedroche or Rita Ora will always have hard boiled eggs in the bag?

Indeed, the hard-boiled eggs, and especially the clear, it has a great contribution of proteins, very low in fatand calories, which has become an indispensable partner for many celebrities who want to maintain their figure, nibble between meals ‘snacks’ healthy. It is a classic of the athletes, made tortillas, egg whites and others, but also … Read more

Hard confession. “I’m not where I need to be”. Nagore Robles rota

March 30, 2020 (14:02 CET) Toñi Moreno reappeared in Living life through a video call after the temporary cancellation of MYHYV by the coronavirus. The presenter has explained to Emma Garcia as he is living the confinement from his home in Madrid, where he has been trapped with his daughter Lola in just two months. … Read more

Andrea Legarreta shared hard message on Instagram: “we are Not chairos or fifis”

Andrea Legarreta shared hard message on Instagram: “we are Not chairos or fifis” Andrea Legarreta managed to cause a big fuss in their social networks after sharing a hard message to the mexican people about the crisis the world is experiencing today because of the coronavirus, where the driver pointed out that we must be … Read more

“It was hard…”: Harry Styles is not of the stripe and continue to the truth of his encounter intimate filming with Adele

The popular singer Harry Styles she reached the pinnacle of success at an early age after he led the legendary band “One Direction”. In the environment of the music industry, I met multiple artists, but it left an indelible mark. Ms all of the lasso professional that binds you, Harry construy a great friendship with … Read more

Adele, 5 years of retirement, divorce, descent to the underworld and reinvention: “The life I tried really hard”

When Adele he released his last album “25” five years ago, we still lived in London with her boyfriend Simon Konecki and his young son Angelo. The singer is preparing to launch its long-awaited fourth album in September, but at that time out of the public light the life of the star has gone through … Read more

“It is worse”. Blow hard. Jorge Javier Vazquez and the world of the tv receiving the fatal news

March 24, 2020 (09:59 CET) Jorge Javier Vázquez fear and more from that Spiriman commented that it may be infected. The presenter Catalan comes with total normality to Save me in spite of the ordinance of staying at home. Is exposed to the virus and more he, who is a person of risk due to … Read more

Blow hard to María Patiño. I uncovered! (and it affects your child) Top secret in to you …

March 18, 2020 (14:37 CET) The fight against the coronavirus is still standing. All the countries trying to stop the spread and get down to the figures of contagion. For this reason it is very important, not only the great work of health personnel, but also of citizenship. Staying at home is vital in these … Read more

Angelina Jolie: “my daughters, I say, be hard, be evil”

Mother, daughter, and Bunny… Angelina Jolie (44 years), six children, including this, Vivienne. In an interview, he said that the girls repeatedly to “bad”. That’s why. Photo LaPresse Angelina Jolie and motherhood. It seems this is the topic of the week. With Angie super mom of 6 adopted children/conversations with Brad Pitt in the middle … Read more