Criticize Salma Hayek for boast about having an owl; she responds | THE IMPARTIAL

UNITED STATES.- Salma Hayek has expressed his love for animals since always, so it is not surprising to see it adopted to a new species, the bad thing here is that there are those who criticize it for doing so. The actress went on the morning of this Saturday, to his official Instagram to share … Read more

Salma Hayek was captured while dorma and something extrao bean in your head

City of Mexico.- The famous mexican actress, Salma Hayek it was captured while dorma and to the surprise of many, it was fascinating while for others it is something really horror. It was the morning of this Saturday that, in his account of Instagram, Hayek I shared this photo, where he appears asleep with his … Read more

“It was already enough”: Salma Hayek is pronunci before a fatdico event that occurred in the united States

Like other personalities in the show, Salma Hayek it has been shown in disagreement with the deplorable acts that involve individuals of dark complexion in the united States, and recently emiti your opinion about it. Using your profile’s official Instagram, the protagonist of “Frida Kahlo” post a video, in which you see some banners and … Read more

“It was already enough”: Salma Hayek erupts after death of George Floyd

During the last hours of yesterday, it was informed that a man of african-american named George Floyd was killed by a police officer, who suffocated the victim by placing his knee on his neck after allegedly resisting arrest and to consider this event as an act of vile racism, many celebrities raised their voice. Salma … Read more

Margot Robbie vs Salma Hayek, who combined better his white skirt at the Golden Globes?

Stepping on the red carpet of the Golden globes 2020, Margot Robbie and Salma Hayek faced with a duel of looks, since they both behaved a white skirt, a top color, sandals, high silver and mane wavy loose (each inside their distinctive style). Before to tell you what was our favorite, we will analyze the … Read more

The loving message of Salma Hayek to celebrate the birthday of her husband

The couple renewed in 2018 their wedding vows in a surprise ceremony (Photo: Shutterstock) Salma Hayek celebrated the birthday of her husband, François-Henri Pinault being very effusive to congratulate you in your anniversary number 58. The actress and producer mexican, published a moving photo in their social networks where it appears giving him a kiss … Read more