Natti Natasha clarifies his state of health after publishing photos in the doctor

Natti Natasha left worried his followers after sharing a few photographs in a row from the doctor. Before the avalanche of messages from fans, alarmed, the dominican republic has decided to issue a statement to clarify that it is sick of the throat and that it is not infected by the coronavirus, as many users … Read more

Natti Natasha alarm to your followers by your state of health

Natti Natasha has caused great concern among his followers after sharing two publications followed on Instagram in which it appears in the doctor. In the first of them is go to the dominican smiling with a tracksuit pink. “Here in the ear nose and throat doctor, to see if I improved,” wrote the artist without … Read more

The Maldita Vecindad talks about the subject of the health of Sax Do You died?

The Maldita Vecindad talks about the subject of the health of Sax Do You died? The Maldita Vecindadrecognized mexican group, has taken its social networks to dispel the rumors that Eulalio Cervantes, better known in the music industry as well as Saxwould have deceased the evening of the day of today after spending several days … Read more

This is the worst meat for your health that you can buy in the supermarket

March 10, 2020 (14:24 CET) Sometimes it relates to the meat with diseases such as cancer, but should not put the bandage before the wound because this food is highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists, however, you need to choose the meat properly. The meat has lots of benefits such as a contribution of high … Read more

The shocking photo of the feet of Belén Esteban that warns of a serious health problem

04 march 2020 (11:40 CET) Belén Esteban is back in the spotlight for the umpteenth time. Last summer the put them out of Save me for the remarkable decline of audiences when she granted an exclusive, as the day of her wedding with Miguel Marcos. However, the Paracuellos has lifted chest and has demonstrated that … Read more