‘Kingdom Hearts’ TV show release date, plot, cast: Disney+ TV show could star Angelina Jolie and Will Smith

Fans of the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise, received an exciting report just like the popular JRPG title could be making its way on TV. More information has been published since then, with the last, Angelina Jolie and Will Smith could be linked to the rumored project. ‘Kingdom Hearts’ of the TV series: What fans need to … Read more

According to reports, Disney wants to Angelina Jolie and Will Smith for Kingdom Hearts Show

There is a new kingdom hearts Television program in development for Disney +, and although not much is known about it, we have now begun to hear a little bit about what worlds and characters could appear in the project. However, before immersing ourselves, we must take into account that the Mouse House actually has … Read more

“Diosito santo”: Yuliett Towers breaks hearts with a tender video of TikTok

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The model fitness, Yuliett Towersthrough your account Instagram I shared a cute clip of your content in TikTok, in which you can see from the bath in short dress. In the video-watch the influencer doubling a voice of nia, which says “I do not break the heart”, something she did with the distribution … Read more

What a tenderness! Justin Bieber stole the hearts of his fans with this photo

The famous american singer, Justin Bieberin the last few days has been very active in their social networks. Like many other celebrities; the interpreter of “Baby” found in the various platforms as a bridge to remain close to their millions of fans. After canceling all his concerts for the year 2020, due to the health … Read more

New song from Travis Scott sounds like samples of Kingdom Hearts

By Cian Maher,Wednesday 29th of April 2020 11:14 GMT A song of Travis Scott recently launched sounds like a sample of a song beloved from Kingdom Hearts. Last week, Travis Scott launched “The Scotts”, a new song with Kid Cudi. You can review it here below. The song was received incredibly well, racking up over … Read more

Dies Keiji Fujiwara, actor of characters from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and many more

Keiji Fujiwara, actor of many films and japanese video games, died on the 12th of April for cancer, 55 years of age. The majority of fans of the anime habrn heard his voice in any of the productions in which work, as was Hiroshi Nohara in Shin-chan, Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist, Leorio Paladiknight in … Read more

“In times of crisis is when we should fill our hearts with compassion for others”

The cuban singer Willy Chirino has launched a message of social awareness after the crisis of world health that is going to cause the spread of coronavirus. The performer of hits like The devil came to Havana or Oxygen has made a call through your profile on Instagram to solidarity and has asked for “compassion … Read more

Danna Paola conquest hearts on Instagram with their BURNING legs

Danna Paola conquest hearts on Instagram with their BURNING legs/Photo: Glamour Danna Paola 24 years is one of the mexican artists that more success is getting abroad. As part of the promotion of the third season of the series “Elite” where she performed the role of “Lucretia”, Danna attended an event wearing a miniskirt that … Read more