It unrecognizable! Look at the picture of Henry Cavill before being a star

February 13, 2020 (11:00 CET) Henry Cavill it has become news today, but not by his layer of Superman, but by another kind of superpowers. The protagonist of The Witcher on Netflix is sweeping social networks. To receive comments that raise the self-esteem to anyone. From now Henry Cavill slips into the list of the … Read more

The muscles of Henry Cavill broke several of her outfits in the series ‘The Witcher’

We had already seen the british actor wearing the costume of Superman, as if his second skin is concerned, but this time it seems that Cavill has gone to the gym… To interpret the character of Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher it was pounding so much that in the end his physical … Read more

Henry Cavill returns with “the game killer” | News

The renowned actor Henry Cavill, a well-remembered for playing Superman in the movie universe of DC Comics, returns to the big screen this march 19, with the tape of action “In the game killer”. Star Films brings a cast of luxury, such as Alexandra Daddario, remembered for ‘Guardians of the Bay’, ‘Texas chainsaw massacre’ and … Read more

So how will convict Henry Cavill? Launch the new image of Superman’s black in the DCEU

Although the initial plan for Warner Bros. was to eliminate the majority of the films of Zack Snyder of the continuity of the DCEU and with this also to get some actors in their universe, the studio is reconsidering its decision, so that it is likely that ‘Man of Steel’ get its long-awaited sequel and … Read more

Henry Cavill celebrates Valentine’s day without a partner and in the company of your dog

Henry Cavill celebrates Valentine’s day with the best company: your dog. The actor of 36 years of age published a photograph of your american akita called ‘Kal’ and wrote: “Happy Valentine’s day to all! To all my fellow singles I remind you that you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy. It is … Read more

Oh is not convinced! Henry Cavill puts conditions for return as Superman

Three years have passed since we saw for the last time Henry Cavill in in role of Superman, and there isn’t any planned date for a return to her role, although the actor claims that remains within the DCEUbut many rumors have been circling about a possible exit, but apparently there is some progress on … Read more

Henry Cavill shared his reunion with a great friend in ‘The Witcher 2’

This week began filming the second season of ‘The Witcher’, so Cavill had the opportunity of seeing their co-stars and among them one, which without a doubt feels a great effect for the actor, so that the fans will be happy to know that Henry Cavill was reunited with Roach on ‘The Witcher 2’. Roach … Read more

The disconcerting image of Henry Cavill with a new character from season 2 of ‘The Witcher’

Henry Cavill has been found with ‘The Witcher’ the project that you have been passionate about in your career. The actor was flipped completely on its physical transformation to prepare for the role, and has picked up their fruit with the great reception that has had the first season. After you confirm that you season … Read more

New rumor, Henry Cavill gives back to DC Comics to be the new Wolverine in “Captain Marvel 2”

Arises new rumor for the industry of superheroes on the big screen, Henry Cavill back to DC Comics to be the new Wolverine in “Captain Marvel 2”, the actor that gave life to Superman it would remove the layer to get the claws of adamantium of the Movie universe of Marvel. In accordance with TribuneHugh … Read more