The king of Tik Tok: the anger of Luis Hernandez with Jennifer Lopez after removing the wig

There is no doubt that Tik Tok it has become the digital platform of the moment. With the home isolation in all over the world, millions and millions of people have downloaded this application today is measured with the social networks most impressive as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. A lot of people used to upload … Read more

Luis Hernandez makes fun TikTok next to Jennifer Lopez: video

The Fans Mexico city / 29.05.2020 22:36:28 In this time of quarantine, many athletes have been tempted by download the app from TikTok and upload constant videos while doing different skits. Such is the case of the former selected Luis Hernandez, who he shared the screen with the famous singer Jennifer Lopez. The Matador shared … Read more

Liga MX: Luis ‘Matador’ Hernandez breaks it at TikTok next to Jennifer Lopez?

Luis “el Matador” Hernandez, who was a team player as Boca Juniors, Club America, Cruz Azul and Tigers, and an icon of the Mexicanhas been quite active on the social networks in the last few days. On this occasion, “the Matador” Hernandez the broke with a new Tik Tok in which it appears “accompanied” of … Read more

This is the luxurious mansion of javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and Sarah Kohan in Beverly Hills

In football, he has not gone all that well, but the front of the Galaxy scored a great goal with the beautiful house that has one of the most exclusive areas of California Chicharito is enjoying her new life in Los Angeles. Photo: Harry How / Getty Images The mexican footballer Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandezwho left … Read more

“I don’t know or Kiko Hernandez!”. Famous of Save me before you spend 25,000 euros on the plastic surgeon

May 08, 2020 (16:58 CET) Few knew the name of Marta Lopez, some even doubled up with the pair of Kiko Matamoros, as has happened to the international press to talk about it, now, however, the known throughout Spain, is unmistakable. The partner programs of Mediaset has become the protagonist of all the discussions of … Read more

To WEEKS OF GIVING birth – Liarys Hernandez showed the amazing transformation of your figure

For its part, this week the current girlfriend of the guru of social networks, Irrael Gomez, Liarys Hernandez monstró the breakthrough figure to a month of having given birth to her child first child Noah. In turn, the businesswoman and model venezuelan, Liarys Hernandezpublished through his account on the social network Instagram, a fonto where … Read more

O war on Saturday Deluxe! Kiko Hernandez strikes again (and she is silent)

04 April 2020 (11:00 CET) After a break of almost three weeks, the partner wanted to Save me, Kiko Hernández, has returned to space, although in a virtual way, by the big door. In your own home, the tertullian, very professional, has assembled a set. Hernandez comes with the batteries charged and the first in … Read more

“I’m going to do a madness”. Kiko Hernández and Telecinco in shock

April 01, 2020 (11:30 CET) Kiko Hernández has given signs of life, Save me. The partner is connected for the first time after three weeks of absence with the program through a video call. The tertullian has been missing due to the care of their two small daughters, but is aware of everything that happens … Read more

“The police came”. Kiko Hernández slope of the largest scandal in Telecinco

March 26, 2020 (11:00 CET) Luckily, for the duration of the alarm state, the main television networks have also opted for its own content. Four scheduled a new edition of Come dine with me Gourmet Editionthat got to sit at the same table Bibiana Fernández, The Dioni, Carmen Borrego and Victor Sandoval. In these deliveries … Read more

Kiko Hernández was left without words. “I didn’t know that was there”. She has

March 25, 2020 (16:21 CET) Kiko Hernández is confined at home with their two twin daughters of 3 years. When these sleep partner is enjoying watching Save me at nap time or at night enjoying the content of Mtmad. The platform of Mediaset already has two big stars. The channel Steisy and Paul, a real … Read more