Billie Jean King said that tennis holiday to the benefit of Serena Williams

The 12-time champion of Grand Slam and founder of the WTA Tour, Billie Jean King talked about the future of his legendary compatriot Serena Williams in the women’s game. The u.s. will meet 39 years old this September and since his return to the circuit as a mother, Williams is in search of the title … Read more

Kim Kardashian takes a holiday of your children in full quarantine

The confinement is not the same for everyone as there is who carries it well and others not so much. Now, who will surely have been seen to have altered their routines during this quarantine have been those who have children in the home, and Kim Kardashian belongs to that group. The influencer has finally … Read more

Isa Pantoja leaves spin to Isabel Pantoja (and his performance) for this holiday in Seville!

March 06, 2020 (15:50 CET) If there is a clan that has given so many news and many historical moments in the press of the heart in the last few years that is no other than the clan Pantoja. If, the renowned vocalist and his children have gone through moments of all kinds, good and … Read more