Hercules: Fans suggest the “cast” ideal ” for the live-action and ask for Tom Holland as protagonist

Disney is backing strong to continue converting its classic animated versions to live-action. Just last year he premiered Dumbo – 47%, Aladdin – 70%, The lion king – 40%, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – 40% on the big screen and lady and The tramp – 67% on Disney Plus. The most recent news suggests that … Read more

The memorable anniversary that fanticos reminded him of Tom Holland

In these times of confinement, Tom Holland far from feeling only found in his followers to make a company really successful. Just who made back to the actor in trend were his fans, because, they wanted to bring to your memory one of the facts ms reminded of the television screen. Related News Three aos … Read more

The Spider-Man of Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, in a movie together… the impossible dream?

MADRID, 10 May. (CulturaOcio) – The animated film Spider-Man: A new universe he was on the verge of bringing the three versions of the actual image of Spider-Man. This is Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and the current Peter Parker, Tom Holland. Unfortunately for the fans, the study thought it was “too soon” to mix the … Read more

Tom Holland will kick ass Venom and Carnage in this trailer fanmade

There are rumors that the Spider-Man of Tom Holland might have a cameo in the upcoming movie Venom and the fans would be more than pleased to do so. It has been said enough about it, and now Sony Interactive Entertainment have a “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters” makes us think that there will … Read more

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt lead the cast of the first in Onward, the new Pixar film

With his new film Onward, Pixar Animation Studios has broken with the conventions of the fantasy genre to tell a story completely original, but at the same time the family, through characters who, although they are not human make you feel a range of emotions. To achieve this, the production had a bank of mega … Read more

I would die in a movie! Reveal the plans for Tom Holland, and Spider-Man in the MCU

The character of Spider-Man has become one of the favourites in the Movie universe of Marvel, so you have big plans for this character in the future, although it has confirmed a third installment of the character, but apparently could get up to six movies in solo, thanks to the agreement with Sony and there … Read more

Tom Holland organiz trivia about Marvel in your Instagram

The Universo Cinematogrfico de Marvel continues to give that talk, and not necessarily for their films or characters. Before the global pandemic, the company decided to contribute the best way they know how: with entertainment. Tom Holland, actor who starred in the arcnido Spider-Man, was the host, along with the charitable organisation The Brothers Trust, … Read more

Tom Holland confessed that his version of Spider-Man has committed crimes

The character of Spider-Man is perhaps the most righteous to follow the rules of any superhero, not for nothing we all know who works and lives with his aunt, or wife, according to the story, but apparently the version of Tom Holland does not respect these rules, because Tom Holland has stolen props from Marvel … Read more

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt sponsor return of Pixar with “Onward”

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt they left today of hand, for a moment, the world of the Marvel superheroes to sponsor the world premiere of “Onward”the film Pixar returns to the big screen. Always cheerful and with a smile from ear to ear, Holland and Pratt are two of the actors who have lent their … Read more