Serena Williams reveals her first love experience: “it Was horrible”

Serena Williams it is, 38 years old, a wife and mother happy, as she herself proclaims every time he speaks of the family formed with the entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, 37 years old and co-founder of the website Reddit. The tennis player and the businessman were married on November 16, 2017, after having formalized their relationship … Read more

Serena Williams and the memory of his first time in love: “it Was really horrible”

During the greater part of this century, the american tennis player Serena Williams it has become one of the best of the story; however, in recent months, mainly by the pandemic of Coronavirusthe younger of the Williams sisters has made news outside of the courts. In fact, the winner of 23 Grand Slam titles it … Read more

Tennis: Serena Williams talks about his first time: “Tena almost 18 years and it was horrible”

Tennis The tennis star recounts her first foreplay sentimental as “one of the worst experiences of my life” Serena Williams playing at the Tournament in Indian Wells 2000 AFP Lto a tennis player Serena Williamsin a chat with fans that sets out ‘Essentially Sport’, I talked about your first love experience: “It was horrible”. Serena … Read more

Michael Jordan and the confessions on his new documentary: ‘they will Think that I am a horrible person’ – Ten

ESPN and Netflix premiered the 19th of April, the first two chapters of ‘The Last Dance’, the documentary that chronicles in 10 episodes how they got the last ring of the tri-championship of the NBA The Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan. You may be interested: Mike Tyson reveals how his tiger tore off the arm … Read more

Participant RuPaul’s Drag Race is disqualified by this horrible reason

Participant RuPaul’s Drag Race is disqualified by this horrible reason Fans RuPaul”s Drag Race have been extremely surprised to take to know that Sherry Foot, participating in the twelfth season, has been disqualified from the competition after accepting his guilt in the allegations of catfishing that were made against you just a few days ago. … Read more