While hundreds of colombians are caught in Brazil, Maluma leave to go to Miami

Outrage has caused the permission given to the foreign ministry to the reggetonero and is still preventing the entry to the nationals, in a site as complicated as Brazil This is a space of expression free and independent, which reflects exclusively the views of the authors and does not involve the thought or opinion of … Read more

Record of New Orleans pays the rent of June to hundreds of tenants

Despite the fact that as we have been able to check lately, the world of art and music in particular are not taken too much into account, since these areas have not ceased to arise solidarity initiatives during this confinement, demonstrating that for this part there has always been a great concern for the well-being … Read more

Does Travis Scott behind the hundreds of flowers that Kylie Jenner received for mothers day?

The socialite has received some beautiful flowers but has not revealed the identity of the sender, an action that raises suspicion. May 12, 2020 · 19:23 pm Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the entire clan Kardashianreceived this Sunday, mothers day, a gift, floral filled with beauty to the home of the entrepreneur. This gift creates … Read more

Kylie Jenner receives hundreds of flowers for Mother’s Day

Kylie Jenner receives hundreds of flowers for Mother’s Day | Instagram The socialite and businesswoman Kylie Jenner it seems that is not the was nothing wrong the day of yesterday, as received a great gift this mothers day, hundreds of flowers but without comment from those who were. Yesterday, Kylie held to be the mother … Read more

Cup of couple: “On Instagram, be prepared for the hundreds of people who do not think like you” | ICON

Their names are Mike and Gabriel, and present themselves as photographers, visual artists and directors and artistic, although since 2011 they are also a duo indissoluble called Cup of Couple who shares in your account of Instagram, with 335.000 followers, everything that inspires them and can inspire others. Hello! How would you introduce yourself to … Read more

Hundreds of people in EE. UU. come out to the street and protest by Covid

Hundreds of people ventured to demonstrate against the extension of the confinement in the united States, encouraged by the president Donald Trump, despite the fact that your country holds nearly one-fourth of the over 157,000 deaths COVID-19 it has caused up until this Saturday in the world. And while several u.s. cities had protests, began … Read more

Cecilia Galliano receives hundreds of compliments by getting a tan in sexy bikini

Cecilia Galliano receives hundreds of compliments by getting a tan in sexy bikini/Photo: Publinews The beautiful host of Televisa, Cecilia Galliano has wild hormones of his thousands of followers Instagram; for which, he received hundreds of compliments, since you bragged about your sexy way to tan in a sensual bikini that taught her a deep … Read more