Actor of the Hunger Games scares fans by strange theories about COVID-19

Actor of the Hunger Games scares fans by strange theories about COVID-19 Woody Harrelson, known for his role as Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games, shocked some of her fans blame the network 5G of the current pandemia of COVID-19in what has become one of the conspiracy theories most popular at the time. Woody Harrelson … Read more

Hunger Games, tonight on Italy 2 the movie with Jennifer Lawrence

Tonight on Italy 2 at 21:20 Hunger Games, the first Chapter of the eponymous trilogy with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson aired. MESSAGE of PATRICIAN MARINO — 16/03/2020 Hunger Games broadcast tonight on Italy 2 at 21:20 PM, a film excited and full of adrenaline, the first Chapter of one of the many lovers of … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence: 9 Actresses have almost the part of Katniss in “Hunger Games”, before you

12 June 2019 Can you imagine a world in which Jennifer Lawrence has not interpreted Katniss Everdeen in the film saga of Hunger Games!? And yet, could have happened before JLaw in the heart, the role of the girl of fire, 9 Actresses famous were part, in one step, by a. via GIPHY You want … Read more

Book/movie HUNGER GAMES, Susanne Collins, Gary Ross book reviews and News UnLibro

Better, the book or the movie Book the HUNGER GAMES, Suzanne Collins Is a dystopian novel: the story takes place in a future, the unknown, in an environment of nightmare.North-America, in consequence of a series of events, nefarious , has experienced enormous changes.Capital City is the capital of what remains, then there are 12 districts … Read more

of Hunger Games and X-Men

ROME – Between 2011 and 2013, America, a new girlfriend had. Born in Kentucky, dad’s working-class hero, an inclination to play-acting early and powerful that, even, let them study cancel, on a flight from New York to Hollywood in search of an agent. And the success for Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, arrived quickly, thanks in part … Read more