13 Reason Why: what character is identified Selena Gomez?

The young celebrity, Selena Gomez, have great roles in the world of the show. And not just as a singer or actress, whose performances have been recognized at the global level, the American star has more of a talent. The songwriter, is also a fashion designer, a philanthropist, and a producer of television. This last … Read more

Gracia Querejeta (‘Invisible’): “Many women are going to feel identified, but also many men”

What happens to women once they have met the 50? That is what raises Gracia Querejeta in his new movie. The director of works as a ‘crime Wave’ or ‘Siete mesas de billar francĂ©s’ returns to the big screen with ‘Invisible’, a story of three friends: Elsa, Julia and Amelia. Each one is very different … Read more