Ma Khalifa climbs as you and invites you to defy gravity: Mission impossible?

The stunning actress lebanese are daring in this new video, along with her husband , who “suffers” the consequences of such a challenge. The wave is climbing to the ms hard that you have to hand, that includes other people of course. Related News With a lot of dexterity and care , the brunette infartarte … Read more

Yuliett Towers it gives back to the Covid-19! Impossible not to look at all this!

The native of Jalisco, it is very easy to always look great. Yuliett Towers you are blessed by genetics, of course, with an extra help of each and every exercise routine. Thanks to that conjunction of genes and work, has a great popularity on the american continent. In one of his more recent publications, can … Read more

The infanta Elena embarrassed. Out this photo. And it is devastating. Impossible to cover more

March 21, 2020 (10:49 CET) The infanta Elena is very embarrassed. Can take no more. On more than one occasion has spoken of the discontent of the infanta with respect to the couples of their children. It seemed that Froilán was the one who was going to give you problems and that Victoria Federica was … Read more

“When you love someone it is impossible not to give a good hug and show how much you want to”

The musician and producer of cuban Emilio Estefan he has dedicated some beautiful words to the american singer of cuban origin Pitbull in which demonstrates the love he feels and the close relationship with Mr. 305. It has done so through his profile on Instagram next to a photograph in which appear both hugged very … Read more

Impossible not to cry. Ana Obregon and the video of Alex Lequio. “Fight!”. And has hours

March 08, 2020 (16:01 CET) Álex Lequio has returned to the social networking and has done so with a video of the most emotional in the that appears to be virtually a baby with his father Alejandro Lequio in a swimming pool watching his father strip to it. The image has been in love with … Read more

“Eva Gonzalez’s date of divorce”. Impossible to cover more. I get this!

04 march 2020 (16:17 CET) It seems that calm is installed in the house of Cayetano Rivera and Eva González. The couple atravasaba a difficult time after the rumors surfaced of a possible infidelity of the matador with Karelys Rodrigueza young lawyer. Both of them were silent regarding this latest controversy, the only thing I … Read more