Chris Pratt improvised this scene from Guardians of the galaxy 2014

Cinemascomics Since I have use of reason I have always been attracted by the drawing, comics, and especially the cinema, to blame for this hobby has it’s “Star Wars: Episode IV”, I felt fascinated by the great amount of spaceships that appeared in it and all over the world created by George Lucas, the scene … Read more

‘Daily quarantine’: TVE premiered a sitcom improvised with the coronavirus

These days it is repeated a lot in the social networks a curiosity about Shakespeare: it is said that the author wrote ‘King Lear’ while he was in quarantine for a plague that devastated London in 1606. Whether true or not, has an idea that is certain: writers can take advantage of the confinement current … Read more

“The world outside”, the improvised song of Alejandro Sanz from the running of the bulls

The quarantine has given him the perfect excuse to many artists to unleash their talent and to give joy to their supporters. Alejandro Sanz it is the example of this. Locked in your house and inspired by the situation in which we are living has composed a song, The world outsidea piece improvised that contains … Read more