Premium Shakira launches her new independent album

Isa Mebarak Colombia.- The singer-songwriter colombian independent Isa Mebarak, a cousin of the singer Shakira, is launching a new record material. Talented, sensitive, creative, and a carrier of a voice sweet and warm, full of nuances, manages to surprise once again with their concept album named ‘Cultural Heritage’, which she qualifies as ‘a tribute to … Read more

Thus, the mobile phone manufacturer wants to be independent

Due to the sanctions, which the Huawei does not have access to the Google Play Store. The solution: a private App Store. In the so-called “AppGallery” is missing, but it also led to a number of popular Applications. For developers, to attract the attacks of the Huawei now turn to a clever Trick. A prominent example has shown, however, that it may be more difficult than we might think.

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