Called to the lover. “I’m his wife.” The infanta Cristina lived all over (and out now)

March 10, 2020 (13:20 CET) Juan Carlos I is one of the names of the time. Something that, bearing in mind that it is not that it’s for something positive, is generating many nerves in The Zarzuela. Come from the environment of the Family Real the king Felipe you are very concerned about all the … Read more

“Is a drug addict”. The scandal that the infanta Elena does not count, but he does

March 08, 2020 (10:13 CET) They speak evil of Don Juan Carlos I. The king emeritus is not very well seen among the citizenry, however your woman yes. The reina Sofia is the opposite. The mother of Felipe VI, is very dear, but few know his face more dark. Jaime Peñafiel, who was the chronicler … Read more

166 million pesetas for it. The infanta Cristina is silent this. Last time pump (and the fat)

07 of march 2020 (11:04 CET) Danger in the Royal House. New scandal stops them and has to do with Juan Carlos I. The king emeritus is being investigated again. Is suspected of a alleged commission of us $ 100 million that would have been the father of Felipe I SAW of the arabs when … Read more

The model twenty-year-old that has the infanta Elena crazy (and nobody dares to talk about)

07 of march 2020 (10:53 CET) Major magazines and media always talk about Letizia, Felipe VI, and their daughters, Leonor and Sofia. In fewer occasions since his retirement do Sofia and Juan Carlos I. However, there are some members of the Royal House who get to be in them by his work. There are many … Read more

The infanta Cristina features which makes them Letizia to their children (and is very ugly)

March 06, 2020 (12:40 CET) It is no secret that the relationship between queen Letizia and his sisters-in-law is not exactly idyllic. Especially with the princess Cristina and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin. A relationship that from the first moment in which Ortiz stepped on The Zarzuela for the first time since he saw that it … Read more

The infanta Cristina explains the physical deficiency that Letizia hides to the whole of Spain

04 march 2020 (12:56 CET) There is a detail of the Queen Letizia that called especially the attention. Over the years it has gone unnoticed, because it seemed like something that they do not give importance. However, it is not a trivial matter. And it is that we are talking about a disability of the … Read more