Cardi B peeks their interest in venturing in the policy – Telemundo El Paso (48)

The rapper Cardi B surprised his followers by announcing that evaluates to jump into the political arena, a theme that he says it will soon give you more details. As pointed out in a tweet Belcalis Almanzar, dominican in origin and known in the world of show business as Cardi B, you will only need … Read more

David Lynch has “zero interest” in the adaptation of ‘Dune’ by Denis Villeneuve

Does the sleeper must awaken? Well, not necessarily to Lynch, that still does not exceed the trauma of his version of the novel of Frank Herbert. We love strong David Lynch, the Serene Majesty of the Delirium Tremens Film and Meditation Junkie, but your version of Dune 1984 is a disaster. His adaptation of the … Read more

David Lynch claims to have “zero interest” in the remake of “Dune”

Photo: David Lynch has no interest in seeing the remake of “Dune” / Via Universal Pictures David Lynch he has talked about the next remake of “Dune”, revealing that he has “Zero interest” in the film. The director adapted the novel of Frank Herbert in 1984, who would later become a failure in the critical … Read more