Paris Jackson, the daughter bisexual of the ‘king of pop’, interprets the son of God in ‘Habit’, and has been involved

We already know that any reinterpretation of the life of jesus Christ stands always blisters for one reason or another. But is that, on this occasion, the hue and cry has been formed because Paris Jacksonthe daughter of the very ‘king of pop‘, will embody directly the son of God in his new movie, Habit. … Read more

According to Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt occurs in the UCM? That is, who interprets it according to a new rumor

Foreword: as we have made clear, often, when she speaks of rumors, nothing is never sure. So, if bright, the voice, the gait, the we remains for you, is not confirmed for the moment, absolutely. Having said all that, if it is learned from sources in the vicinity of the site WGTC, it would be … Read more