Interview with Hailee Steinfeld, the actress ‘Dickinson’, the new series of Apple-TV – Film and Tv – Culture

Apple is a company whose technology has been described many times as ahead of its time, so it feels appropriate that one of the series that launches its streaming service, Apple TV+, is about a poet who defied the conventions of his time in the NINETEENTH century and whose work has been considered as one … Read more

Demi Lovato forgets the words of the song in the full interview

Demi Lovato forgets the words of the song in the full interview Demi Lovato he was a guest in a radio interview in the united States, where the challenged to complete the lyrics of their songs, however, there was one that failed, and it was the song “Skyscraper” in its Spanish version “Skyscrapers”, and forced … Read more

The bailecito is brand Jennifer Aniston before an interview

What joined Friends it is difficult to separate the man. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green in the well-known television series) and Courteney Cox (Monica Geller) demonstrate a recurring theme in the social networks that the fiction has its reflection in reality, and that between the two actresses, there is a good tune. With the emergence of … Read more

You’re scared! Cardi B spoke badly of Trump in an interview and now Fears for his life!

The singer Cardi B, after the interview he gave to Bernie Sanders and where he spoke of the Government of Donald Trump, has revealed that things have happened strange. The composer conducted a live broadcast from his personal account of Instagram where he confessed that he is fearing for his life and that of your … Read more

Selena Gomez sexy photos for the cover of Interview Magazine

The singer Selena Gomez bragged about all her sensuality and mischief to Interview Magazinewhere not only did a few pics super sexy, but that gave tremendous interview Amy Schumerin which revealed things he had not said before. The former of Justin Bieber published some of these photographs in his account of Instagram, which was for … Read more

Meghan Markle will give his first interview on tv since leaving the royals

They say that the big stars are always converted into myth because the fans create any kind of stories are not proven around their idols. Without a doubt, Luis Miguel it has already been mythologized; his fame is so great that the press have not ceased to learn more about his life. “The Sun” has … Read more

His son, Tristan sneaks in an interview Chris Hemsworth

The confinement by the health crisis by the coronavirus is affecting all of us. Although some sectors have been forced to stop, others have been reinvented, and since it is common to see concerts through social networks or interviews from home with actors to promote their new projects. Working from our home is not easy … Read more

Interview of Anderson Cooper to Lady Gaga re-emerges and fans applaud

In 2010 there was a controversy that catapulted the singer to fame. Now it goes viral again the interview of Anderson Cooper to Lady Gaga on the subject of his”penis” and the reactions are revived. When Gaga was starting his career, millions of people danced to his hits”Poker Face” and “Just Dance” but was a … Read more