Arturo Elias Ayub interview to his brother-in-law of Carlos Slim Domit

The holder of the Office of the undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell Ramírezit has become a face a recurrent theme in the lectures provided by the Government of Mexico to report on the latest medical advances and details that occur on the pandemic of coronavirus. Despite being a man specialized in … Read more

Rita Ora: interview prior to his presentation in Stereo Picnic 2020

Rita Ora has managed to earn its space in the universe of the current pop. Singing, acting or collaborating with recognized brands of fashion, it takes a decade deslumbrándonos with your energy and versatility. Rita Sahatçiu (his first name) already had a #1 (Hot Right Now alongside DJ Fresh) before its premiere recording. Ora debuted … Read more

Alejandra Guzmán surprise speaking English in an interview for HBO Latino

Alejandra Guzmán surprise speaking English in an interview for HBO Latino Alejandra Guzman, also known as the “Queen of Rock” surprised his followers by speaking perfectly the English language and singing one of his tracks in most popular music, during an interview for HBO Latino. An epic moment in which the singer shared through his … Read more

The rapper Cardi B interview Sanders. Discussion on the minimum wage, and unemployment – World Affairs

The singer-songwriter and rapper Cardi B has interviewed a United States senator and democratic presidential nominee in the election of 2020, Bernie Sanders, on the economy, the trade union, unemployment. In a video shared by the singer on Tuesday, you see the two discuss issues concerning the living conditions of the working class. “A couple … Read more