COMPANY / Fantasy Island, The invisible man and The call of the wild, large releases of Rakuten TV in June

The escndalo and The Gentlemen: The gentlemen of the mafia arrive also as ttulos highlights with deals of luxury; Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and many ms Rakuten TV arrives in June, with a catalogue full of intrigue and adventure for the viewers to enjoy the best new releases in house. The next month, … Read more

the art of invisible odors

Much has been written about perfumes, maybe because there are no words to describe the nuances of a smell with the precision with which stimulates our senses. As happened to the main character of the novel Patrick Süskind The Perfumewhen we find that scent that evokes a thousand memories and emotions we feel incapable of … Read more

After the success of ‘The invisible man’, James Wan will produce a movie of monsters for Universal

It has cost but finally, Universal has seen how a movie of their classic monsters gets to be a success. ‘The invisible man’ landed on the screens on 28th of February, and it sat as one of the films of the month and getting good results. That’s why, and after several failures, the study will … Read more

Gracia Querejeta (‘Invisible’): “Many women are going to feel identified, but also many men”

What happens to women once they have met the 50? That is what raises Gracia Querejeta in his new movie. The director of works as a ‘crime Wave’ or ‘Siete mesas de billar francés’ returns to the big screen with ‘Invisible’, a story of three friends: Elsa, Julia and Amelia. Each one is very different … Read more

Angelina Jolie posing naked to 44 years, with their “scars, visible and invisible”

“My body has suffered greatly in the last 10 years, I have scars, visible and invisible. The invisible are difficult to combat“: Angelina Jolie’s Bazaar poses Nude for Harper’s. In an interview, accompanied by a photo shoot with the ceiling, only through a veil, the actress tells of the difficulties of the last years: from … Read more

Ukrainian Kardashian in invisible panties, legs apart and forced the men to sweat: “we see all”

Model Alena Omovich posed in the open swimsuit Ukrainian model, which is called the Patriotic copy Kim Kardashian posted in popular social networks candid shot where she advertises, in fact, cosmetics. This writes with reference to Instagram of Alena. So on the new personal picture Omovich showed her perfect figure in a bikini virtually … Read more