Pokemon Go: Guide and Tricks to Earn 50 Pokemonete Free per Day

After having explained to you how to obtain all the forms of Alola (with the relative chromatic versions), in this mini-guide of Pokemon GO we give you some useful tips to earn 50 Pokemonete free per day in the game. As the Pokemon GO coaches will know, Pokemonets is the in-game currency of the game that can be purchased through the outlay of … Read more

Pokemon Go Welcomes Entei: Date and Time of the Raid with the Legendary, Also in Shiny Version

Niantic Ends Support for Android Kitkat for Pokémon Go and Ingress

Following the success of the Pokemon GO, Global Challenge initiative, aspiring Pokemon Masters have unlocked some bonuses, which will be progressively made available in the game. Among these, we also find the possibility of challenging the Legendary Entei Pokemon during special raids. The Niantic team has finally formalized the date and time that will characterize the event, communicated … Read more

Pokémon Go: The New Replacement Mechanic Has Been Removed from the Trainer Challenges

Niantic Ends Support for Android Kitkat for Pokémon Go and Ingress

In an official statement, Niantic announced that it had removed the new game mechanic related to the Pokémon replacement in Pokémon GO Trainer Challenges. According to the developers, this change has not reached the optimal level expected. “The original implementation had an unexpected behavior, but we were struck by the game action born from the possibility of changing … Read more

Pokemon Go: How to Get All the Forms of Alola (And Chromatics) in 2019

To celebrate the third anniversary of Pokemon GO, Niantic Labs has decided to introduce new forms of Alola into the game, with the possibility of capturing them even in a chromatic version. Below we explain how to get them all. Below are all the forms of Alola currently obtainable in Pokemon GO, explaining what you need to do to capture them and add … Read more

Dr. Mario World: How to Unlock All the Characters and Assistants

Dr. Mario World Is Released in July on Iphone and Android!

In Dr. Mario World you can unlock different characters and additional assistants like Luigi, Toadette, and Ludwig. In this mini-guide, we explain what you need to do to unlock them all. Finishing the Dr. Mario World tutorial you will unlock the first two additional characters: Dr. Peach and Dr. Bowser, without of course forgetting Dr. Mario. That being said, there are seven other … Read more

Dr. Mario World Exceeds Harry Potter in the USA but the Game of Bts Beats Everyone

Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World has enjoyed considerable success in North America, making its debut at the top of the free games ranking on iOS eleven hours after launch, thus surpassing Harry Potter Wizards Unite, which had reached the same position after twelve hours. However, both summer mobile blockbusters are overtaken by the Korean pop group’s game BTS: BTS World reached … Read more

Fortnite Fortbyte 28: Solving the Puzzle Outside a Landfill in the Desert

New day, new Fortbyte hidden to be found on the island of Fortnite Royal Battle (Season 9). In this mini-guide we show you how to get the Fortbyte # 28 accessible by solving the puzzle outside a landfill in the desert. After having shown you how to get the Fortbyte # 5 accessible with emote Passo del Relax … Read more

Football Is Once Again the Protagonist of the Fortnite Store Update

Fortnite Football

The football season has just definitively ended with the conclusion of America’s Cup and with the victory of the United States in the women’s world championships, and it is already time for transfers, pre-season retreats and more. And football is also the protagonist in Fortnite, in today ‘s store update. Many skins are on sale today, such as Aerial Threat, Clinical Crosser, Dynamic … Read more

Pokémon Go: Mewtwo Armored Raid Is Available Today

Mewtwo Raid Is on Pokémon Go

As we told you a few days ago, Mewtwo Armored Raids are now available on Pokémon GO, so if you intend to capture the Legendary Pokémon, the opportunity you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. It will be possible to participate in the raids in question until July 31st, so start gathering your team because the adversary is of those handsome leathery … Read more