Fortnite Down: When Will The 8.30 Update Be Released?

Fortnite update 8.30

Fortnite update 8.30 is expected this week, but when exactly will it arrive? In all likelihood, the patch will not be released today but will be published only tomorrow, Wednesday 10 April. We are now almost mid-morning and Epic Games has not communicated anything about the update 8.30 and any downtime, so the update will almost certainly not be … Read more

Fortnite: Will The Gyrosphere Undergo Changes With The 8.30 Update?

Fortnite Gyrosphere

The 8.30 Fortnite update is expected for the next few hours (presumably for Wednesday 10 April) and is expected to bring a Nerf for the Girosfera vehicle, among other things. The giant rotating sphere should undergo major changes with the 8.30 patch, including improvements to the controls and a general weakening of the statistics, in fact, the vehicle … Read more

Fortnite Update: The Skins Of Football Arrive, New Patch Objects 8.20

Fortnite Update

The Fortnite shop is updated Tuesday 9 April with lots of new content including skins, pickaxes, hang gliders, spines, covers and many other objects, including the return of football shirts, introduced last year for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and now available again. New Fortnite Skin Among the items available in the shop today we find the complete set … Read more

The Fortnite Shop Is Updated With Hime And The Skull Demonic: The News Of April 8th

Fortnite Shop

After the arrival of Fortnite’s Easter skins, it’s time for some Mephistopheles on the in-game shop of Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale, which as usual is updated daily with new skins, items and more. The novelties of today ‘s Fortnite store concern two legendary orientalist outfits called Hime and Musha, but above all the very disturbing Demon Skull pick, which as it can be … Read more

A Sixteen Year Old Indian Committed Suicide: His Mother Had Prevented Him From Playing PUBG

PUBG Indian

As we know, the Indian government has been working for a long time to try to fight and severely limit its dependence on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: PUBG is very popular in India and millions of young boys seem to suffer from a high rate of addiction to the game. This is, unfortunately, the case of a young 16-year-old resident of Hyderabad … Read more

Fortnite: The New Emote Grand Fanfare And The Skins On Sale On April 7th

Fortnite Emote

The usual nightly update of the Fortnite Battaglia Reale objects shop brought with it a brand new emote, called the Grand Fanfare. It is of an uncommon level and can be purchased at a very low cost, or 200 V-Buck. Today, no new skins have been introduced, but some have come back that will surely make the happiness of the … Read more