For 6 months, free of charge for deutsche Telekom customers ”

At the Beginning of the Video for Streaming on the Disney and a+ 24. In March, Deutsche Telekom will be the exclusive sales partner in Germany, and all of the customers with fixed-line, broadband, and mobile tariffs, a special rate. All of the Magenta furniture, Magenta, and MagentaTV guests will receive Disney’s+ a full six … Read more

Homescreen-checklist view, wallpaper, libraries, and more

Apple have kept iOS to 14 are related to the innovations sure how you in on a little secret. His first major appearance of the new operating systems from Apple, yes, Yes, usually in the month of June at the developer conference WWDC. This year, the most relevant innovations seem to be, at least partially, … Read more

It looks like ”

The ex-Nokia to offer HERE, and that is operated under the name ” HERE-WeGo is now available from the car manufacturers, BMW, Audi, and Daimler is not as well known as Tom, is still as popular as Google Maps, and it is, but as a spur to innovation, effect on the Xenon market. According to … Read more

The project, “house of cards” to bring Android to the iPhone

The Delaware-based company Corellium provides for, among other things, an iOS-Virtualis-aging solution for you. This will allow you to work with a virtual iOS device at the Desktop, and to serve in accordance with the Corellium, in particular, to the exploitation of security flaws. Ten years ago, Android on the iPhone 3G An unusual product, … Read more

Push ads OK Dating Apps if you please, ”

Apple has updated its guidelines for the development of the so-called “App Store Review Guidelines”, and this time, there is only a handful of corrections to the text, but also to substantial changes to the rule book entered into it. The “App Store Review Guidelines explain, it allows the Application providers to which the application … Read more

In an impressive Demonstration of the technology

ifixit looks at Apple’s competition, under the jacket. The professional technicians have disassembled the Samsung Galaxy S20, Ultra, and showing, in particular, the built-in camera technology that impressed him. The components of the main camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, however, is also impressive. Samsung relies on a 48-Megapixel camera lens, the telephoto, and a … Read more