The disease Isabel Pantoja (and the end of diagnose) that paralyzes Spain

May 11, 2020 (15:36 CET) Isabel Pantoja continues his silence. The singer is very scared and worried for the current situation. The renowned vocalist has not participated in any program of Mediaset, nor even by video call. Right now your greatest concern is your health and the health of his mother, Doña Ana, who belongs … Read more

The homosexuality of that Isabel Pantoja does not speak, but she did (and is afraid of Telecinco)

May 10, 2020 (17:05 CET) A while ago Telecinco lost a case in the courts, which had to do with Isabel Pantoja. A story that could be repeated in the coming months. The case broke when in Save me it was pointed out to the alleged homosexuality of Augustine Pantojathe brother of the renowned vocalist. … Read more

“Depression”. Isabel Pantoja kept the secret until today. “It has a bad end”

May 08, 2020 (15:18 CET) Isabel Pantoja is a mother to Omar Montes. So what has revealed in his interview the more heartbreaking. Although in a first moment have not had a good relationship, gradually came to be friends. Now is a very important pillar for him. Omar Montes has had a complicated life. Their … Read more

Isabel Preysler, Paloma Caves… the chefs most amazing cook exclusively for HELLO!

Do you want to discover secret recipes that succeed in their home? In the magazine HELLO! this week, that you can find as every Wednesday in your kiosk usual, you’ll be able to find the chefs that are more surprising, we cook exclusively for HELLO! and you reveal their tricks in the kitchen. Paloma Cuevas, … Read more

Isabel Torres (‘Poison’) has announced that he suffers from lung cancer with bone metastases

Actress Elizabeth Torres is one of three in charge of interpreting Cristina “La Veneno” on the new series of Javis. After the premiere of the first episode, the actress has wanted to thank the good reception and has announced a serious health problem. “The situation that I am now of health is very complicated. Those … Read more

“We are Survivors”. Isabel Pantoja tries to avoid

March 27, 2020 (14:43 CET) Isabel Pantoja is very worried by the situation that the country is currently experiencing. The renowned vocalist is confined in Singer with his mother, Doña Ana, who wants to protect, and with his brother, Agustín. The family Pantoja had planned one of the year’s events, the wedding of Anabel Pantoja. … Read more