It is a novel idea! Halle Berry launches new tool To cope with the social isolation!

In days of confinement, any activity that can be done inside a house is a good idea, and but say Halle Berry. The american actress remains active between the kitchen and the exercises, because he is faithful promoter of lead a healthy life style. Related News And as well as she does, aspires everyone to … Read more

Henry Cavill paints figures for Warhammer for social isolation

Henry Cavill, the actor behind Superman and Geralt of The Witcher, is spending their time on social isolation, demonstrating their pride geek on social networks, by painting miniatures of Warhammer. In an Easter message to his followers, Cavill published the image below to your account of instagram where there is shown painting a helmet for … Read more

The social network Tik Tok is gaining popularity during the isolation |

Adults and advertisers have begun to discover TikTok in the middle of the containment measures, promoting this popular social network that until recently was a playground of fun child. Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, in addition to Jane Fonda, 82-year-old, are flocking to the platform of the chinese company ByteDance to publish short videos (maximum of … Read more


In this process of isolation that live in the world, many figures have been discovered or shown different facets to which they are accustomed to your audience. Two of these figures are the singers, René and Miley Cyrus, who through Instagram Live have premiered a sort of virtual program in which they interview great personalities … Read more

Emilia Clarke offers a dinner virtual next to her during the isolation

Photo File Emilia Clarke does not want to be left out of the initiatives to combat the isolation required to prevent the pandemic by the coronavirus. The actress Game of Thrones, made a call to contribute money to your foundation to free up beds in hospitals. Through Instagram, the interpreter of 33 years of age … Read more

He’s right – Angelina Jolie says that the young victims of abuse are not safe during the isolation

Angelina Jolie said that children who are victims of domestic violence are vulnerable during the pandemic. The actress and activist for the rights of 44 years, Angelina Joliewrote a toarticle of opinion for Time magazine revealing that young people who are victims of abuse would not be safe in your home during the isolation. In … Read more

Culture.- Charli XCX announces new album composed in times of isolation

Charli XCX – WARNER MUSIC MADRID, 7 Apr. (EUROPA PRESS) – Charli XCX, one of the artists most avant-garde of the whole spectrum of pop music, announces the release of a new album, ‘How I’m feeling now’, the next 15 may. This new album will be composed and recorded by the british artist during his … Read more