Child prodigy Greek composed “Waltz of Isolation” for a world in quarantine

ATHENS, 6 jul (Reuters) – “Stay in their homes a little more” is the message that a pianist Greek of 7 years sent to a world in quarantine by the coronavirus with his last composition, called “Waltz of the isolation.” Stelios Kerasidis was presented for the first time in public at the age of 3 … Read more

Cubans sing from balconies and rooftops in Havana in isolation by the coronavirus

There are several cubans who have been willing to sing from their balconies or roofs for their neighbors, in the middle of the required isolation which is maintained by the epidemic of coronavirus. Yesterday at 9 in the evening, when many were clapping to thank the medical staff that is battling the pandemic on the … Read more

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson already recovering in Los Angeles after its isolation by the coronavirus

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been spotted by the magazine People driving through Los Angeles, showing a possible improvement in their health status. The couple, who have contracted the coronavirus ago, two weeks ago, had remained isolated until the moment and the latest news that had been shared were related to their isolation in … Read more

Coronavirus, Harvey Weinstein positive. Takes the isolation in prison

Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney to Meryl Streep. Not to forget Asia Argento. There are many Hollywood star, in the year 2017, a party against Harvey Weinstein. The former producer was published with the allegation of sexual harassment by the New York Times, a long investigation, according to Weinstein, would have the inappropriate behavior … Read more