Britney Spears publishes new issue after four years and the playlist dosmilera that we will encourage the Monday

How many summers we will be reminded of Britney Spears with her music this time of year is for enjoying and having fun? Now, with the pandemic of the Covid-19, there is greater need than ever for a good dose of music dosmilera that will bring us back a little of the best of the … Read more

Mariah Carey records issue of “mixed-ish” on ABC

Mariah Carey records issue of “mixed-ish” on ABC | AP The singer Mariah Carey recorded a new song which will be the subject of a spin-off series “black-ish”. Carey co-wrote and interprets the topic of “mixed-ish”, announced Monday on ABC. The singer said in a statement that she loved the pilot program, focused on the … Read more

Cardi B responds to a follower that the issue for their donations

Composer american, Cardi Bhas been in trend these days, after she announced that, together with the line Fashion Nova, will be making a few donations to several people, anonymous social networking. At that time, the singer indicates that the clothing brand distributed a million dollars among those who will participate, what correspondera a thousand dollars … Read more

Nintendo’s key to “Animal Crossing” on the Issue of the crazy prices

The fans have been looking forward to for a Nintendo Switch in the “Animal Crossing”for the Design. Right now, the console is sold out, for the most part, and it is being sold online at exorbitant prices. The “Animal Crossing”release, the option that is sold online. Bronze is a rip-off, with a cute “Animal Crossing”-the … Read more