Millie Bobby Brown celebrated Valentine’s day with her boyfriend Jacob Sartorius

Getty Images Millie Bobby Brown is without a doubt one of the most influential celebrities of the social networks, it does not matter if this is your style or your undeniable talent, has everyone talking about it. On this occasion, Millie bragged about being very in love with her boyfriend Jacob Sartorius, yes, Millie has … Read more

After criticized dating, Millie Bobby Brown announces breakup with Jacob Sartorius

Just a few months ago, the actress Millie Bobby Brownof 14 years of age, was the talk by revealing that he kept a courtship with Jacob Sartorius. It was just last Valentine’s Day when the protagonist of Stranger Things announced his relationship with the boy two years older than her. Immediately, he was the victim … Read more

Millie Bobbie Brown and Jacob Sartorius, what second chance?

Despite his youth, Millie Bobbie Brown is living one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Their 14-year-old actress is renowned around the world for his talent and has become one of the faces most requested in the entire party, presentation and delivery of prizes that are worth mentioning. But, what happens to the … Read more

The relationship between Jacob Elordi and Josephine Langford that zero you imagined

WHAT? Jacob Elordi and Josephine Langford have become a trend for a possible relationship, but quiet all, we will still have Zendaya and Jacob. This is all part of the new live-action Disney. Through the social networks fans Disney began to disclose to their stakeholders fav to give life to these two wonderful characters Rapunzel … Read more

Jacob Forever premieres “it Hurts”, a heartbreaking song that comes from the hand of a video clip

The cuban singer of urban music Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, popularly known in the world of entertainment cuban Jacob Foreverhas released through its official YouTube channel a new single under the title It hurts. This new musical proposal of the reguetonero has come from the hand of a video clip that was filmed, apparently, in Cuba, … Read more

Jacob Forever remember his encounter with Tego Calderón with a photo unpublished

The cuban singer Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, popularly known as Jacob Forever, has recalled his encounter with one of the exponents latinos are more important within the genre of urban-to-international level: Tego Calderon. The urban artist shared on your social networks a photo unpublished taken years ago, in which she appears sitting next to the puerto … Read more

Jacob Forever premieres the remix of “put on” next to Enzo Melody Secret

After creating a huge expectation among his followers with a number of advances in their social networks, finally the cuban singer of urban music Jacob Forever launched the remix of the single Ponte, in collaboration with the young reguetonero Enzo “The Melody of secrets”. The subject has been presented via the YouTube channel “The Immortal” … Read more