What it means for Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande on the success of ‘Rain On Me’ – jenesaispop.com

As would be guessed by the first figures of Spotify and Youtube, taking to account that the viewer of your Google account in the united States and the United Kingdom, ‘Rain on Me‘ is the new number 1 in both countries. In the case of the Uk, the second single from ‘Chromatica’, our “Disc of … Read more

The key visual of the videos of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, Tulsa, Harry Styles, Woodkid and Khruangbin – jenesaispop.com

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande dancing in the rain, Tulsa living with images of the classic film, the taste of the watermelon of Harry Styles, the fight against the Goliath of Woodkid, and the emotional story about the loss of Khruangbin. Desconfinamos the images of the video clips highlights of the last few weeks and … Read more

Aitana with Reik, C. Tangana, the “drink milk” of Anuel AA and Cardi B… in the list of singles of the Spanish – jenesaispop.com

‘PA’ to BREAK’ Bad Bunny is still one more week in the number 1 list of singles Spanish, followed by ‘I am Never’ C. Tangana in the number 2. The entry more important of this week’s list of singles, it is the ‘Enemies‘ of Aitana and Reik, that is the door of entering the top … Read more

Lana Del Rey announces release date of their new album with an incendiary letter that alludes to Beyoncé, Cardi B, Doja Cat… – jenesaispop.com

“Visionary”, Lana Del Rey was ahead of the barrage of postpositions of tours and albums that the pandemic has made it grow in the last couple of months… though in reality, their reasons were other. But maintaining the intention of publishing that disk of “spoken word” that bears the title ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over the … Read more

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber announce ‘Stuck With U’ and give your instrumental version – jenesaispop.com

The next week, exactly on Friday, may 8th, is the day chosen for the launch of ‘Stuck With U’. It is a single set that both Ariana Grande like Justin Bieber have been announced in their social networks. The benefits of the single will go to children of families affected by the covid-19 in the … Read more

‘Tell me Bbsita’ of Robledo and Alex Martini is even worse than its title, and is already top 4 in Spain – jenesaispop.com

The input stronger of the week in the singles Spanish is a song published on April 9, which now occupies the second position of the songs most played on Spotify Spain, and entering in the number 4 of the aforementioned list of singles, which places it behind only ‘Safaera‘ Bad Bunny, ‘Yellow‘ J Balvin ‘and … Read more

Rita Ora debuts ‘How to Be Lonely’, his return after the pitch of ‘Anywhere’ – jenesaispop.com

Gone are the times in which it seemed that Rita Ora was to become the great disappointment of the industry of the british pop. No one remembers much that took out their second album, ‘Phoenix‘, nor much less bad that it was the first. Nor of the various singles he released for years without success, … Read more