Gamers celebrate the anniversary of Joker from P5 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Joker is the leader of the gang “Phantom Thieves of Hearts,” those who make the switch to the evil people | Atlus / Nintendo Has passed 1 year since the gamers “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” we got the first DLC throughout the game, who to everyone’s surprise was nothing more and nothing less than Joker … Read more

Do more crazy that Joaquin Phoenix? So it would look like Macaulay Culkin as the Joker

If ‘The Batman’ gets the expected success, it is clear that Warner Bros will give the green light to Matt Reeves to develop a new trilogy of the knight of the night, and it seems that the director is confident that will be so, so that already is analyzing new characters that will appear in … Read more

And it is Batman! Reveal a connection between ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘Joker’

The latest deliveries that have had the Universe Extended DC (DCEU) have announced that the franchise would prefer to opt for delivery of higher quality or of better entertainment than to make a shared world, like Marvel, however, this week some fans revealed a connection between ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘Joker’. Remember that the feature … Read more

From the Joker to Doctor Sleep, and Veronica Mars: here’s the april 2020 is Infinity

Infinity has its special programming for april 2020of Joker a Doctor Sleepabout the Matrix series, tv cult Veronica Mars! The service offers a selection of the best movies with the whole family, or alone, in search of emotions. We discover together the new catalog! Cinema From 3. – 9. april, come on the Infinity Premiere … Read more

Joker, Doctor Sleep, and Scooby-Doo, the outputs from april

Here are the outputs from april to Infinity: among these are to be reported to Joker with Joaquin Phoenix Doctor Sleepcontinuation of Shining The outputs april Infinity promise a lot of entertainment. And in difficult times such as these, in view of the distress caused by a novel Coronavirus, the people at home are in … Read more

Joker Is the Leader in Nominations for BAFTA Awards in British Cinema

“Joker” (“Joker”) on Tuesday topped the list of nominees for the BAFTA Awards of British cinema with 11 mentions  The famous movie “Joker” (“Joker”) on Tuesday topped the list of nominees for the BAFTA Awards of British cinema with 11 mentions that include best film, best actor (Joaquin Phoenix) and best director (Todd Phillips). The … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix wins a Golden Globe for Best Actor for Joker Performance

Actor Joaquin Phoenix won a Golden Globe for his performance in the movie Joker in the category of best drama actor and everyone celebrates hanks to the performance of Joaquín Phoenix in the movie Joker obtained a Golden Globe this Sunday, in the category as best drama actor. Since before its launch in several countries already saw the great potential that … Read more