The complaint of Jorge Javier Vázquez hides (and is the most “icky” occurred in Save me)

March 29, 2020 (15:00 CET) If there is a string in the sperm complaints and the bands are already a part of day-to-day, that is no other than Telecinco. Paolo Vasile decided a long time ago to give a twist to the television and began to enhance his sets and in his realitys all kinds … Read more

Jorge Javier Vázquez warned. “He paints very badly”. The last time that changes everything

March 28, 2020 (11:40 CET) Eye because in the last hours a information that flows by Telecinco has left many with his mouth open. Among them, Jorge Javier Vazquez, one of the protagonists. And that is, of course, the protagonist of the mess is no other than the coronavirus, the virus that is paralyzing Spain … Read more

I pump!!! The appointment secret of Jorge Javier Vázquez on Grindr

March 27, 2020 (11:57 CET) What happens in Survivors remains in Survivors, always and when it is not Jorge Javier Vázquez the protagonist. It does not allow things to remain hidden, even though they are of him. The spirits on the island were very warmed, so that the presenter decided to put a little humor … Read more

VERY SPECIAL – Jorge Aravena and Carlos Montilla gathered in an unpublished photograph

Jorge Aravena reappeared on social networks to publicize where you are and with whom, since it was up Los Angeles and until he found Carlos Montilla. The venezuelan actor Jorge Aravena he had recently denounced through his ditch on Instagram who were using their personal data to defraud several people, something that he was extremely … Read more

It Burns Save Me! Jorge Javier Vázquez bursts and the lia. War on Telecinco

March 26, 2020 (09:00 CET) Jorge Javier Vázquez is not willing to leave Save me in spite of any medical recommendation. He has shown that he is a great professional and for him the most important thing is to be in his job because to entertain it is also something very important in these difficult … Read more

Danna Paola: rumors of an affair with the actor Jorge Lopez | Elite

Are increasingly strong rumors of a romance between Danna Paola and the actor Jorge Lopez. The complicity between Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez is very noticeable in the series the Elite and out of the screen. | Source: Google Days ago, the singer Danna Paola posted a photo on their social networks where he was … Read more

Jorge Junior exploits in the nets after being accused of doing nothing by gender, urban

The cuban singer of urban music Jorge Hernandez Carvajal, popularly known in showbiz as Jorge Junior, has launched a strong message on the social networks after having been crossed out, do nothing for the genre urban. The leader of the grouping 4 shared a comprehensive text in its account of Facebook dedicated to a person … Read more

“It is worse”. Blow hard. Jorge Javier Vazquez and the world of the tv receiving the fatal news

March 24, 2020 (09:59 CET) Jorge Javier Vázquez fear and more from that Spiriman commented that it may be infected. The presenter Catalan comes with total normality to Save me in spite of the ordinance of staying at home. Is exposed to the virus and more he, who is a person of risk due to … Read more

“Oh, the package is huge!” Jorge Javier Vázquez and Spain ¡lo and behold! with this famous

March 22, 2020 (11:17 CET) Finally a good news for Jorge Javier Vázquez when you get home. The presenter what is really going wrong for the situation that is gripping the country. Even, the Catalan has had to put aside the press of the heart to cope with the present, the coronavirus. During these days … Read more

“Is very serious”. Jorge Javier Vazquez struck by the worst news. “Have the days numbered.”

March 21, 2020 (10:28 CET) Because of the coronavirus, last Thursday, the gala presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez finished ahead of schedule. Specifically at 0:45 because they had not counted with the presence of Alejandro Reyes, who can not return to Spain, as neither does anyone else on the team. Now for the same reasons, … Read more