“No mam” Danna Paola exploits against Jorge Anzaldo by joke (video)

“No mam” Danna Paola exploits against Jorge Anzaldo by joke (video) The youtuber Jorge Anzaldo a good friend of the talented Danna Paola, we played a small joke on the actress in that recreated an iconic scene from the film Disney’s “The lion king”. Jorge decided to take it with your thumb a little bit … Read more

“Jorge Javier Vázquez has returned to relapse.” Video (and it swept in hours). “Shame, shame, ” for God’s sake!”

March 20, 2020 (12:34 CET) Survivors 2020 it is affected by the coronavirus, you even note in their audiences. This Thursday, the gala more powerful did not exceed the 25% of screen quota to a month of competition. Now Mediaset is repenting of having premiered the reality ahead of schedule. It would have been better … Read more

The husband of Lydia Lozano (Charlie) threat to Jorge Javier Vázquez by phone

March 19, 2020 (15:46 CET) Lydia Lozano was the last month the protagonist of Save me because of your false news, or rather deception. The partner felt a lot of pain on the part of his companions, however, she never gives up. Lozano has left Save me temporarily on the occasion of the coronavirus. The … Read more

The video that annihilates a Jorge Javier Vázquez is sweeping Spain in hours

March 19, 2020 (16:48 CET) Jesus Candel it has been very well known for their controversial departures of tone, however now it is more so with the arrival of the coronavirus, something that is of concern to the whole world. If you search the word on Youtube just out videos of the doctor. It is … Read more

Last time was devastating. And will of Jorge Javier Vázquez. You just know this

March 17, 2020 (17:21 CET) The coronavirus remains the great problems of the country and from all over the world today. The virus continues to grow and in Spain exceed 11.500 infections and 500 deaths. Some data are very concerning, but expected to slow in the next few weeks with the restrictive measures that have … Read more

I have missed you Save me! Jorge Javier Vázquez is waiting for him. “Not see more”

March 16, 2020 (16:12 CET) Jorge Javier Vázquez is charged to your great friend. Save me and the coronavirus can, with Christian Gálvez. The presenter is going through a great moment. Vázquez lived a few glorious years thanks to their participation in Fall who fall and Pasapalabra during his time at Telecinco. The justice took … Read more

Jorge Drexler created a SONG inspired by the Coronavirus ¡Fantastic!

Jorge Drexler created a SONG inspired by the Coronavirus ¡Fantastic! The singer uruguayan Jorge Drexlerin times of the pandemic Coronavirus published a video of a previously unissued song that he composed before the panic generated by the recently so-called pandemic by the World Health Organization. Drexler requested to Latin americans, through their social networks, not … Read more

Leave the television. Jorge Javier Vazquez gets the call. “It’s over”. Last time

March 15, 2020 (17:43 CET) The coronavirus is changing the future of Spain. With very few who have lived juna situation like that is you live these days, in which the Government has declared a state of alarm. There are a total of 6.300 infected and 190 deceased since he knew of the first case … Read more

Jorge Javier Vázquez warned. “There’s the evidence”. Infection on a Saturday Deluxe

March 14, 2020 (19:10 CET) Hopefully it is not anything, because of a positive Telecinco would be put upside down. The coronavirus threat Mediaset. This night is issued Saturday Deluxe in the private string. The guest star of the night will be Christopher, former contestant of The island of temptations. A program that could be … Read more