Terrible blow to Jorge Javier Vázquez. Just know this. Last time

March 13, 2020 (13:01 CET) Last Friday march 6, Isabel Pantoja acted in the Wizink Center under the watchful gaze of thousands of people. Fortunately, the coronavirus had not taken so much strength in Spain and the renowned vocalist not had to regret the cancellation of their concert. The singer was eager to getting back … Read more

Jorge Drexler devotes a song to the coronavirus and viraliza

“Elbow to elbow” is the title of the song that the singer uruguayan Jorge Drexler has dedicated himself to the times, marked by global uncertainties by the expansion of the coronavirus. The letter reminds the preventive measures to avoid the contagion, which passed by to avoid physical contact: “no longer will the hugs, the kisses … Read more

Stick terrible. Jorge Javier Vázquez warned. “The disease has returned”. Theater play canceled

March 10, 2020 (15:14 CET) Jorge Javier Vázquez has everything ready for her big theatrical premiere after aborting his last work of theatre by the stroke he suffered last march. The next Saturday, march 14, will rise again to the stage to represent Removing to Seneca, in Córdaba. But before he did an exclusive feature … Read more

“Died of Aids”. Jorge Javier Vázquez is not what counts (and is presenting)

March 08, 2020 (12:05 CET) Jorge Javier Vazquez and the rest of partners what they knew but it is a thorny issue and difficult to treat, the who don’t want to speak publicly. Recently Cayetano Martínez de Irujo has returned to the news due to his umpteenth admission to hospital for bowel problems. He has … Read more