Nicki Minaj explains why he has never collaborated with Kendrick Lamar

Sooner or later, it is clear that we will be able to enjoy a song Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar. Both have collaborated with practically all the artists of the picture, but oddly enough, have never gathered together in the study. Nicki joked that Kendrick “did not wash” That’s why in the new estrega of … Read more

Anna Kendrick take place within the next premiere of his series “Love Life”

Anna stressed that this series revolves around “resilience-personal”, the “human connections” and “how the people we love shape our lives.” | HBOmax | HBOmax Anna Kendrick introduced this week the new series “Love Life”which will be released on the platform HBO Max. The actress in turn premiered with “Love Life” his first major role in … Read more

Anna Kendrick is surprised to learn that she had children with Enrique Iglesias

Ian West/PA Images/ Hilarious as always… With the surprise announcement of the arrival of their firstborn, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias invaded the headlines all over the world. In December, the couple became parents for the first time before the arrival of their twins, a boy and a girl. In accordance with TMZthe babies were … Read more

Anna Kendrick believes that you should only eat Taco Bell at a specific time of day

Celebrities are like us in some aspects. EvenA-Listers such as AnnaKendrick, who can afford to dine in fancy restaurants every night, you can findthemselves hitting a fast-food meal on occasion. And when they do, youOften you can catch them enjoying a bit of Taco Bell. Definitely not mexican food gourmet. But there is something very … Read more

Anna Kendrick stars in Love Life, a series that portrays the biography romantic of a young woman in NY

Love Life it is one of the new contents and star for the presentation of HBO Max bet of WarnerMedia to enter the very competitive world of the streaming and that will start to work on the 27th of may. SEE MORE Netflix will premiere the series History of a crime: The searchthat would be … Read more

Anna Kendrick surprised with his confession of `amorpor Ryan Gosling

With his innocent and shy smile, Anna Kendrick it is the embodiment of sweetness. However, we just know a little bit more of your true ‘I’ after he made a confession what is inappropriate? in his account of Twitter on the Monday night. The girl of 27 years, he wrote that he was ecstatic in … Read more

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson confirmed for ‘Giving the note 2’

MADRID, 7 Feb. (CulturaOcio) – Universal Pictures has confirmed that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will resume their roles in ‘Giving the note 2’, the sequel to the tape of 2012 that in addition will the debut of Elizabeth Banks as a director. In addition, Universal has just made public the first promotional poster for … Read more