Tom Holland will kick ass Venom and Carnage in this trailer fanmade

There are rumors that the Spider-Man of Tom Holland might have a cameo in the upcoming movie Venom and the fans would be more than pleased to do so. It has been said enough about it, and now Sony Interactive Entertainment have a “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters” makes us think that there will … Read more

I will never have that kick

With Russian roots and to grow in the united States, it is not surprising that the new champion of Grand Slam, Sofia Kenin, has been inspired by the tennis legends Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. During the Open of Cincinnati 2019, you will be asked to Kenin about their idols child. The woman who plays … Read more

Criterion Collection released a box set of Bruce Lee and it is a kick of love

If you’re a great admirer of Bruce Lee you’re already jumping from excitement from the moment you saw the title of this note, because yes, Criterion Collection has just released a box of the master of martial arts whose name is Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits. We also recommend: This watch inspired in Bruce Lee … Read more

Terrible. Nagore Robles and Sandra Barneda are very concerned. “I’m going to kick you out of Telecinco”

April 02, 2020 (16:16 CET) Toñi Moreno is a new mother, something that I thought I would never get there, and right now all it is your first time. The mother tries to do the best I can, though it might sometimes make mistakes. Just two months after the birth of your little Lola is … Read more