Fan obsessed with Ariana Grande went to her house and wanted to kill her

Shutterstock Two months ago, (march 5, exactly), a fan obsessed with Ariana Grande called Fidel Henriquez he tried to get to his home in Los Angeles and a few hours ago received a restraining order. In addition, international media reported that not only he wanted to enter his property but also wanted to assassinate her. … Read more

Harvey Weinstein suggested to kill Jennifer Aniston for delatarlo

Justice finally has been put in place to Harvey Weinstein, who has been singled out for sexual abuse on multiple occasions, and although since he was convicted by the jury of New Yorkthe famous Hollywood producer is still on trial for know how much time you will spend in prison. And that is, as the … Read more

I tried to kill Ariana Grande!

Amazing! A man went into the house of the singer Ariana Grande with the intention of murder, as reported by the portal Hollywood TMZ. GET HOOKED TO RADIO PLANET LIVE FROM HERE By luck, or the interpreter of ‘Don’t call me ‘ angel’ or your family member were in the house, were the neighbors who … Read more

How many people kill Chris Hemsworth in Tyler Rake (Extraction)?

MADRID, 9 May. (CulturaOcio) – Tyler Rake (Extraction) is poised to become the movie over view of Netflix. The frantic killing of Chris Hemsworth in the midst of a war of drug traffickers in Bangladesh has conquered the public. And while its leaders already think in a sequel, the streaming service has revealed how many … Read more

SINGERS: By making this request they will kill Shakira on social networks

Published a press release making the request to the government not liked the followers. By making this request they will kill Shakira in social networks. By means of their social networks, Shakira made a call in favor of the smallest of the house so they can walk during this confinement. The singer he shared a … Read more

Does copying it to ‘Endgame’? ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ kill one of its protagonists

After almost 15 years, the dinosaurs returned to the big screen in a spectacular way, because after you have a hosting medium of the third original delivery, ‘Jurassic World’ premiered in 2015, with a superb collection at the box office, which secured a second and third part, but apparently there will be drastic changes in … Read more

You said it all!! They will kill Cynthia Rodriguez after his return to the tv Was it for both?

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus, has altered the routine of a good part of the world’s population has been forced to stay at home as a preventative measure. This was the case Cynthia Rodriguez for several days he remained in his home and did not attend the television program “Venga la alegría”. Related News … Read more

Haters of Marko Music did trend on Twitter because they want to kill (+TWEETS)

In the social network Twitter, the tag “Marko Music” is positioned between the first locations and hundreds of internet users expressed their rejection of the comedian. The acknowledged humorist of venezuelan origin Marko Music, without any doubt, this is one of the artists creoles with more recognition at the international level, a creditor of the … Read more

Kill shot footballer Edwin Espinoza in front of his house

The footballer of the Guayaquil City, Edwin Espinoza, 20, was killed Saturday in the door of his home in the popular neighborhood guayaquil Isla Trinitaria in the south of the city, told Efe Carlos Franco, sporting director of this club from the First Division Ecuador. Alex Morgan maintains training days of giving birth Government calls … Read more